Al Porto - Annex Rivalmare

Al Porto is the Annex building of the Rivalmare Boutique Hotel, situated in the very centre of Novigrad, 150 meters from the well-kept town beach, in a typical 19th-century tall house completely renovated in 2010, while the accommodation itself was renovated in 2019. Due to its excellent location, all services and facilities are within easy reach.

Check-in takes place at the Rivalmare Boutique Hotel, at Rivarela 19, where a buffet breakfast is also served.

Rooms at the Al Porto include bed and breakfasts, free WiFi, modern double rooms and city views. Set 400 m from Mandrac City Harbour and 400 m from St. Pelagius and St. Maximilian Church.

For all check in assistance, contact the Rivalmare Boutique Hotel’s reception at +385 52 555 600

General info

Accommodation type Annex of the Rivalmare Boutique Hotel
Location Novigrad, Gradska Vrata 23
Room Surface 20/30 m²
Distance from Rivalmare 300 m
Check in and Breakfast Rivalmare Boutique Hotel, Rivarela 19, Novigrad
Check in assistance +385 52 555 600
Year of construction / renovation 2019
Parking No


  • Located in the city centre
  • 100 m from the beach
  • Air condition
  • Free WiFi
  • Bike Friendly
  • City view
  • Breakfast included
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Novigrad delights all its visitors – history fans, adventurers, amateur athletes, and all those eager for an intimate and relaxed holiday.

Novigrad, with its earliest written reference dating back to distant 599, built its history in Istria, the biggest Adriatic peninsula and the oasis of the north Adriatic. Once known as a small fishing town, today it is one of the favourite tourist destinations in Croatia. Small wonder as this likeable town of only 4000 inhabitants will provide all that is required by those wishing for an intimate and relaxed holiday as well as to guests desiring rich, adventurous events. Narrow streets of its ancient town core, archaeological monuments and preserved town walls will especially delight fans of the ancient.

Tourists eagerly look for the joys of the sea along its stone and pebble beaches, in water sport activities such as swimming, diving, sailing, or taking a boat trip. Recreational activities organized on the shore, such as tennis, beach volleyball or cycling, do not fall behind. The Rivarella beach in the east is a walking starting point for all visitors strolling under the walls along the marina to the Karpinjan and Pineta walking paths in the west. Take a break while walking, have a glass of wine, enjoy the sounds of the sea and an unforgettable sunset.

Pricelist - 2019. (eur/day)



Contact info

Al Porto Suites
Gradska vrata 23, HR-52466 Novigrad
GPS: 45.315062N, 13.559538E
T: +385 52 555 600
F: +385 52 758 610